Our state-of-the-art sterile surgical suite has everything we need to keep your pet safe during any surgical procedure including advanced monitoring,  fluid delivery systems, and patient warming methods.

Rest assured that in addition to the skilled veterinarian actually performing the surgery, a dedicated team member will stay with your pet throughout the entire process, from induction to recovery, monitoring them every step of the way. Similar to a human hospital, our monitoring systems include blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, breathing rate, oxygen levels and temperature.  Tracking these parameters allows the anesthesia team to make small adjustments that keep your pet in a healthy state, as well as detect and treat potential issues early.

Placing an IV catheter allows us to provide vital fluids that can be adjusted to maintain ideal blood pressure, as well as instant access should emergency medications need to be given during a crisis.  Our heated surgical table and circulating warm air machines keep your pet warm during the procedure, which leads to a smoother recovery afterwards.

At Wickiup every measure is taken to ensure your pet has a safe, successful surgery with a smooth, rapid recovery so they can be back home spending time with you as soon as possible.

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